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CONVINCING CLIENTS: 4 Proven Principles for Influencing Vital Decisions

February 8, 2016
1 - 2 PM EST
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 “It’s not quite there yet”…“I’ll know it when I see it”…” “You’ve given us a lot to think about”…“We’ll get back to you.”
You present your budget, analytics report, media plan or creative pitch, and back comes one of these lukewarm invitations to keep trying. The problem’s not always the work. Clients hesitate on major decisions because, like everyone else, they are programmed to avoid risk. But that doesn’t mean you should stop pushing bigger ideas. You just have to learn how to turn client tendencies to your advantage the next time you make a recommendation.
Experienced agency professionals instinctively tap into what psychologists call the Universal Principles of Influence, common things that affect how people make important decisions. One is the “herd mentality,” a primal fear of doing something different and getting it wrong. Would you buy the first car you looked at? Do second opinions from less credible sources count? Why is “medium” the top seller in anything? There’s safety in numbers and in going with what you know.
Client decisions follow the same rules. How many alternatives should you offer, and in what order? Who needs to be at the meeting? Who should speak first? Who last? By knowing the factors that influence decisions, you can make clients more receptive to your ideas and get faster approvals.
The herd mentality is just one factor. Feeling obliged to return favors, defending your own and obeying the advice of purported experts are equally powerful. And the things that work on clients work just as well on your boss and senior agency management, too.
On February 8, join Jeff Hiller, JB Training Solutions, as he shows you how to apply these 4 proven principles:
  • Herd Mentality: Lower clients’ sense of risk by offering the right set of options, stacking the deck in your favor, and providing a wide variety of assurances at the most opportune times 
  • Reciprocity: Make clients feel they “owe you one” by welcoming objections, conceding key points, and embracing suggestions –– without being insincere or compromising the recommendation
  • Prior Commitment: Create personal stakes for clients by attaching the idea to past decisions, relating it to their background or experiences, and plan a meeting to get head nods early on
  • Higher Authority: Use the power of the outside voice by showcasing new faces, quoting exec opinions, enlisting the opinions of other clients and validating your ideas with surprising comparisons
What You Can Expect From This Webinar:
You will gain a much better understanding of what influences decision-making –– and the kinds of things that you can begin doing immediately to have greater success getting the client approvals you need.
Who Should Attend?
Managers, supervisors and directors in all disciplines who are responsible for making recommendations to clients, agency execs and other key decision-makers.
About Your Webinar Leader:
Jeff Hiller is Director of Learning & Development at JB Training Solutions, and shares his invaluable perspective gained as an agency exec, creative head and client. Jeff started at Leo Burnett Chicago, where he rose to become the youngest VP Account Director in the agency’s history, earning 7 EFFIE Awards for superior business results. Later, Jeff was Marketing/ Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, VP Marketing for Four Hands Imports (named three times as one of Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing companies), and was outsourced Sales Manager for a division of SRC, the holding company of business icon Jack Stack. Currently, Jeff conducts over 100 sessions a year on business skills, sales and marketing for leading agencies including the Omnicom, IPG and Publicis groups, and Top 100 companies such as Phillips 66, Marriott and Eli Lilly. He graduated with high honors from Dartmouth College and lives in Austin, TX.


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