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DRIVING PERFORMANCE: 4 Effective Metrics for Motivating Agency Teams

March 7, 2016
1 - 2 PM EST
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We use metrics on a regular basis to optimize campaign performance. Why don’t we apply the same principles to human performance in our agencies? Successful agency leaders know that creating a system for defining roles, establishing goals, engaging and empowering their people will set them up for success.

Think of business as a kickball game. You don’t have to pay kids to play, or pass out big titles to get them to try their hardest. Compensation and promotions are overused motivational tools. All you need are a simple set of rules, an important place on the team, a clear understanding of what each player has to do––and a chance to win. 
On March 7, Jeff Hiller, Director of Learning & Development, JB Training Solutions will show you how to implement 4 effective agency metrics:

  1.  ENGAGEMENT: quantifying the impact of individual and team efforts on agency bottom line
  2.  DISCIPLINE: tracking response time, follow-through, accuracy and deadline performance
  3.  INITIATIVE: recognizing extra contributions to daily overseeing/reporting/analysis tasks
  4.  INNOVATION: identifying opportunities, scope, impact and desired frequency of big ideas.
Benefits to the agency include:
  • Improved performance on basic job requirements and added value
  • Increased job satisfaction due to measurable targets and ongoing tracking
  • Peer accountability through joint planning and the promotion of public awareness 
What You Will Learn
Proven techniques for using metrics and game psychology in order to clarify agency goals, engage the entire team, push personal accountability, and create a high-performance culture through constant achievement.
Who Should Attend
Mid- to senior-level managers from all agency disciplines who are responsible for groups or teams of at least 3 to 5 people, and with some authority to make decisions regarding goals, assignments, reward and recognition.
About Your Webinar Leader
Jeff Hiller is Director of Learning & Development at JB Training Solutions. He shares his invaluable perspective gained as an agency exec, creative head and client. Jeff started at Leo Burnett Chicago, where he rose to become the youngest VP Account Director in the agency’s history, earning 7 EFFIE Awards for superior business results. Later, Jeff was Marketing/ Creative Director for the Houston Rockets, VP Marketing for Four Hands Imports (named three times as one of Inc.’s 500 Fastest Growing companies), and an outsourced Sales Manager for a division of SRC, the holding company of business icon Jack Stack. Currently, Jeff conducts over 100 sessions a year on business skills, sales and marketing for leading agencies, including the Omnicom, IPG and Publicis groups and Top 100 companies such as Phillips 66, Marriott and Eli Lilly. He graduated with high honors from Dartmouth College and lives in Austin, TX.



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