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The Feedback Games: May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

February 27, 2014
1 - 2 PM EST
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Does your constructive criticism fall like a dagger, drop like a sledgehammer, or always seem to miss the target? 

Can getting the feedback you need sometimes feel like the survival of the fittest? 

Many employees associate fear with evaluations and the dreaded annual review, but feedback done right is a healthy, constructive process that happens across all levels of an agency, especially among co-workers and clients working side-by-side. 

On February 27, join Brad Karsh, president, JB Training Solutions, who will review the tips, hints, and tricks for giving and receiving feedback – so the odds are ever in your favor. Participants learn to break down the walls and instill a feedback culture of accountability that is transparent and comfortable. What exactly do you say? How exactly do you say it? What do you do when the person gets defensive, aggressive, emotional, or downright unresponsive? How can you inspire action, and what do you do if you find yourself saying the same thing over and over again? Discover the tried and true best practices for delivering and receiving feedback to ensure a winning outcome.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who want to improve their ability to deliver feedback and receive constructive criticism.

Participants will leave this Webinar with the tools to:

•           Give direct, open & honest feedback to colleagues & clients without seeming "preachy"

•           Receive constructive criticism openly and candidly without being defensive

•           Avert issues with sincere feedback before conflicts arise with clients, co-workers, or bosses

•           Understand how to implement the elements of informal, regular feedback

•           Convey a point-of-view assertively, candidly and respectfully

•           Handle sensitive and sticky scenarios with confidence and poise.

This unforgettable Webinar takes the fear out of feedback and offers the techniques and skills needed to hold successful critical conversations.




Single Registrant: $99
Full Conference Room: $349*
Unlimited Individual Access for the Agency: $999**


Single Registration: $199
Full Conference Room: $699*
Unlimited Access for the Company: $1499**

*Full Conference Room provides one link to use in a Conference Room. No limitation on number of viewers.

**Unlimited Access gives all employees the chance to view the webinar from his or her own computer. A special link will be sent to one person that can then be forwarded to the rest of the agency. At the conclusion of the webinar, a link to the recorded webinar will be sent to the agency or company that signed up for the Unlimited Access option. This link is available for 2 weeks.


A cancellation fee of $25 will be applied to any cancellations.


Please contact Maya Nachi at the 4A's. mnachi@aaaa.org | 212-850-0754