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Marcus Thomas LLC

Marcus Thomas LLCPhone (216) 292-4700
4781 Richmond RoadFax (216) 378-0396
Cleveland, OH 44128-5636URL www.marcusthomasllc.com
Contact Mark Bachmann
E-mail mbachmann@marcusthomasllc.com
Privately Held
Minority Owned
(A minority-owned business is a proprietorship, partnership, corporation or joint venture that is 51% owned, operated and controlled by United States citizens who are members of the following racial groups: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American.)
Smart. Tough. Real.
Marcus Thomas backs it up with fearless creative, the experience of a category killer, the deepest digital team of any agency in its weight class, along with a designation as one of the world’s top five content marketing agencies. And proves it with unexpected solutions, shaped by research, optimized by precise analytics and evaluated against what really matters: your bottom line.

THE DEPTH OF OUR STRATEGIC THINKING. When you hire an agency, do you want them to “make stuff” or make a difference? We thought so. That’s why observable, measurable performance is what we’re about. And that’s why it’s no surprise that strategic thinking would be a key strength of Marcus Thomas.

THE BREADTH OF OUR CREATIVE ABILITIES. For some agencies, creative is about ads. And it only comes from the “creative department.” We do ads, lots of them, but today’s consumers are looking for more. They want ads, experiences, friends, technologies to engage with and ways to be heard. We get it. That’s why our entire agency is built for problem-solving and ideation. We develop creative solutions irrespective of the “material” or “platform” they will emerge from.

THE DEPTH, TECHNOLOGY TENACITY OF OUR CONNECTIONS PLANNING AND BUYING. Media used to be about reach, frequency and TRPs. Now, more than ever, media has moved from “delivering” a message and hoping for the best to identifying a specific audience and delivering targeted, relevant, measurable content to almost any point along the path to purchase. We do this with a variety of strategies, including programmatic, leveraging big data exchanges, our trading desk and DSPs to optimize and manage media across all channels, including mobile. It also means recognizing that the customer or consumer is now part media outlet too.

We’ve organized our agency into four teams of professionals with deep experience in CPG, B2B, Home and Garden, and Healthcare and Professional services. Each of these teams comprises specialists from strategic planning, account service, creative, digital, social, analytics, public relations and media. This group brings deep experience, objectivity and focus to your challenge, defining the situation in meticulous detail, identifying the value exchange between your brand and your customers, and articulating the things we need to do to make you successful.
• Integrated Marketing Communications
• Digital Marketing and Innovation
• Mobile Marketing and Technologies
• Strategic Planning
• Performance Optimization and Analytics
• Public and Media Relations
• Social Media Marketing
• Connections Planning and Media
• Content Marketing
• Research and Market Intelligence

Marcus Thomas exists to help its clients make their mark – on their industry, on their company, on their careers. We do it by assembling the right mix of talents, tools and technologies. By fostering a culture that takes intelligent risks. By listening as passionately as we speak. By pushing boundaries, innovating and taking on the status quo. We do it by asking the questions it takes to get things done rather than the questions it takes to justify ego or agenda. We do it by knowing if we take care of our client’s business, our client’s business will take care of us.