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Marcus Thomas LLC

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We’re Marcus Thomas. We believe in the power of brands. We believe that brands have the power to have an influence in both their communities and the world at large. And, with that power and influence, we believe that brands also have a certain amount of responsibility to make a difference in people’s lives.

At Marcus Thomas, we have power, too. We’ve got brain power. Data power. Dev power. Comms power. Magical, borderline-creepy media power. The kind of power that can really go to your head. The kind of power that the advertising industry largely abuses. It’s probably why a lot of people ignore advertising, distrust it, or pay their hard-earned money to avoid it altogether.

Don’t we all have a responsibility to do better? Can’t we use our collective powers for good? If we can make sense of multi-touch attribution, can’t we also find a way to give kids more childhood? If we can use pixels to do geofenced dynamic retargeting, couldn’t we also help make yard work less of a chore? If we can have an influence on where and when people shop for food, couldn’t we also help deliver some joy in the process?

Marketing metrics are important, sure. But marketing metrics don’t make life better for our audience. So we have to think about the human metric, too. What did we do to create value for people? What good did we do for them?

From our very inception, it has been our mission to help our clients leverage the power, the influence and the responsibility of their brand to make a difference in people’s lives. That’s why we aren’t a jack of all trades as most full-service agencies are. Instead, we invested in building a collection of specialists who together maximize the experiences that people have with our clients’ brands. We call it the VALUE EXCHANGE. And we’d love to share it with you.