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BOHAN Advertising | Marketing

BOHAN Advertising | MarketingPhone (615) 327-1189
124 12th Avenue SouthFax (615) 327-8123
Nashville, TN 37203-3146URL www.bohanideas.com
Contact Shari Day
E-mail sday@bohanideas.com
Privately Held
Minority Owned
(A minority-owned business is a proprietorship, partnership, corporation or joint venture that is 51% owned, operated and controlled by United States citizens who are members of the following racial groups: African American, Asian American, Hispanic American and Native American.)
BOHAN Advertising is a Nashville, Tennessee-based advertising agency with a unique collaborative approach to providing client solutions. At BOHAN, we function as brand “villages” – multidisciplinary mini-communities charged with the collective daily responsibility for researching, planning, growing and living a brand. All of our clients are invited and encouraged to be active members of their village. The product of this more informal and collaborative relationship is the kind of business insights, creative problem-solving and swift results that have become the new trademark of BOHAN work in the last several years.

Our award winning digital team has created programs for clients who want to build online communities of passionate followers for their brands, generate constant buzz and show tangible ROI for the investment.

To see examples of our work and learn more please visit bohanideas.com