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Javelin Agency

Javelin AgencyPhone (972) 443-7000
7850 North Belt Line RoadFax (972) 443-7176
Irving, TX 75063-6062URL
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Javelin connects brands and customers through individualized communications and experiences. Our approach fuses traditional CRM and CX offerings to deliver individualized, design-inspired communications made accountable and possible through data and analytics that connect human outcomes with business outcomes.

We combine creativity and big data to produce outcomes for brands, and develops JOURNEYS OF ONE — a unified customer journey, reimagined from the customer’s point of view, powered by one data set. The data derived from each customer interaction provides insight into what drives, inspires and matters most to each customer, illuminating opportunities to cultivate deeper, meaningful engagement.

We use data to simplify. We identify which customer relationships to invest in, which journeys matter the most, and which specific interactions matter the most within those journeys.

We choreograph JOURNEYS OF ONE by leveraging our advanced analytic techniques to assess the ROI of all touch points along the journey. We use ethnography and empathy mapping to define the moments that represent a brand’s biggest opportunities with customers — connecting human outcomes to business outcomes.

We’ve delivered double-digit ROI gains, often within the first year of implementation — resulting in deeper relationships with customers, increased customer retention and higher levels of customer lifetime value (LTV).