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Javelin Agency

Javelin AgencyPhone (972) 443-7000
7850 North Beltline RoadFax (972) 443-7176
Irving, TX 75063-6062URL www.javelinagency.com
Contact Robert Lewis
E-mail rlewis@javelinagency.com
Holding Company
We use data to connect brands with customers and drive profitable behaviors. Javelin is a customer relationship marketing agency that blends math with a human touch, and creative with data, to deliver a hybrid CRM offering that maximizes returns across the customer experience and marketing spend.

By infusing analytics with CRM, we humanize data to fix the broken links between the brand promise and the customer experience. To do this we leverage our capabilities that include strategic development, analytics and creative services from traditional to non-traditional channels. This includes direct response, CRM, digital, branded content, social media and mobile. We impact every aspect of the customer journey from acquisition and on boarding to cross-selling and retention efforts in order to deliver the greatest marketing ROI possible.

We also have a proven track record of partnering well with other agencies; whether serving as an Agency of Record or supportive resource, we take pride in our ability to integrate seamlessly with other partner agencies.

Contact us when you want the confidence that comes from customer relationship marketing designed to improve performance and mitigate risk.