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Who we are.

At LGA, we’re roughly 50 people who think and work like 100. We’re efficient, grounded, talented, experienced professionals, who genuinely like and respect our clients and each other. We’re trusted to deliver results, not just personal glory. We’re entrepreneurial and passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals. And we consistently deliver beyond expectations.

How we think.

Good solid advice. Unexpected ideas. These are the result of dynamic, collaborative thinking. At LGA, you will find a group of people with different perspectives, focused on consistent goals. We challenge each other, learn from each other and continually strengthen each other’s thoughts and efforts.

As proven, diligent professionals, we are trained to look at our client’s challenges from every angle. We don’t pull solutions off the shelf or out of thin air.

We immerse ourselves in the situation, discover a relevant insight and craft a plan that will significantly benefit our client’s business.

How we conduct ourselves.

Just as important as how we think is how we operate. Our reputation is our most cherished asset. It not only helps to attract new business, retain clients and recruit talent, it makes us proud to work here.

“Trust” is our brand promise.

The way we see it, there are very few things that anyone can have total control over – but how trustworthy you are can be 100 percent your own choice. At LGA, our brand promise is our handshake – our look-you-in-the-eye that says we will take care of your business and brand like it was our own.