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Doner Atlanta

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Holding Company
We do great work grounded in human understanding.
Consumers are more than just a target market. They don’t live on spreadsheets or power points or pie charts. They’re people. And we know them better than anybody else.
That’s because we immerse ourselves in people’s lives. We sit at their dinner table, in their living room, shop with them at their favorite stores, peek into their shower and cupboards, experience their lives and study what they feel, think, say and do. Most importantly, we strive to understand why.
Armed with this intimate understanding, we find the most valuable and actionable human insights, so we can better create advertising that will make people want to access and engage with your brand.

Continual learning drives everything we do. At every level of our agency, we create provocative work infused with genuine insights that leads to real business growth.
Everything our agency touches – strategic plans, creative, production and media – is fueled by genuine human insight. We believe in human connections and our drive for uncovering insights is, at its core, what helps us make brands successful. We’ve been building brands for 33 years and we believe that now, more than ever, the social and economic environment of today gives brands an enormous opportunity to connect with consumers.