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VMLY&R/San Francisco

VMLY&R/San FranciscoPhone (415) 88-2 0600
303 Second StreetFax (415) 88-2 0601
Suite 300, North TowerURL
San Francisco, CA 94107-1327Contact Mike Reese
Holding Company
Y&R San Francisco's mission is to be our clients' most valued partner in
managing, protecting, and building their brand assets both for short-term results and long-term growth. We do that by creating big conceptual ideas with the power to disrupt category convention and ignite the energy in a brand. We develop our ideas into campaigns that are medianeutral, that engage and build relationships with the consumer through rich branded experiences off-line and online. We operate as a unified, multi-talented unit, with an intense curiosity and tireless passion to help our clients' achieve their business objectives. We're all about ideas born through collaboration and creativity. We're a team
that considers being nimble and quick the price of entry. We're a team known for going beyond the assignment, continually striving to deliver more ideas, more depth, and more innovation.

We work with clients in a broad range of categories including healthcare (Blue Shield of California), packaged goods (7UP, Diet Dr Pepper), retail (Chevron), telecom (Palm), and technology (Advanced Micro Devices, NetApp). We attract clients who want to work with a mid-sized integrated marketing communications agency that blends digital marketing, advertising, POS, and package design services into one unified P&L, thereby eliminating the classic agency in-fighting that occurs when separated agencies duke it out for their individual budgets rather than staying squarely focused on your business objectives. We serve the needs of clients who believe in building strong brands, while at the same time measuring and tracking the effectiveness of everything they do.