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The Media Kitchen

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Our philosophy and approach has led us to operate under four core tenets.

The first tenet is that where you say something is as important as what you say – that marketing energy can only come from a union of media and creative working together. Media is creative and creative is media.

The second tenet is that we are media neutral. Some media companies will say the same thing, but we prove it. The breakdown in our billings is almost evenly proportioned among the media types. Plus, everyone in the Kitchen is multi-modal. We don’t have offline and online planners – we just have planners.

The third tenet is that a good idea can come from anywhere. Plain and simple. Everyone in the Kitchen is invited to solve a client’s marketing issues. That goes for a strategist fresh out of school all the way up to the president. Here you’re expected to internalize and live the clients’ brands.

Equally, our third tenet means we work well with others. As most clients now have a stable of agencies to handle PR, CRM, Direct, and Creative, we pride ourselves on playing nice in the sand box. After all, we want to solve our client’s challenges -- not add to them.

The fourth tenet is that you can’t do the same thing and expect different results. We get smart through rigorous targeting, campaign measurement, analytics, and then applying our learnings to optimize our clients’ campaigns. To accomplish this, we’ve built state-of-the-art tacking methods, analytics systems, and real-time reporting dashboards.