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Helen Miranda
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McKinney/New York

McKinney/New YorkPhone (646) 380-5800
15 Watts StreetURL mckinney.com
2nd FloorContact Alissa Sheely
New York, NY 10013E-mail alisssa.sheely@mckinney.com
Holding Company
Pound for pound, McKinney is the most effective agency in America. We lay claim to this based on our record in the Effie Awards. Since 2003, we rank eighth out of 290 Effie-winning agencies. The handful of agencies with more Effies are many time our size with more opportunities to deliver results. And when you look at Effies per client fee dollar, no other agency comes close to delivering like McKinney. It’s no accident. Over the last 14 years, we’ve helped our clients earn 37 Effies — while being named finalists another 45 times. This performance spans 22 brands across 17 categories. Effie named McKinney the No. 1 Most Effective Independent Agency in the World in 2012 and No. 3 Most Effective Agency in America in 2012 and 2013. Our Stock in Trade? Creativity that drives extraordinary results.