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Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, Inc.

Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, Inc.Phone (608) 251-7070
1 S. PinckneyURL
Suite 500Contact Todd Labeau
Madison, WI 53703E-mail
Privately Held
Lindsay, Stone & Briggs’ specialty is successfully launching new-to-the-world products, brands and categories; and its complement—re-launching under performing brands.

Decades of obsessive research in consumer psychology and behavioral economics plus decades of launch experience have given the agency expertise in what triggers behavioral change.

The result? Multinationals, the Fortune 100, regional marketers, and clients with NDAs so strict their names can’t be mentioned seek out LSB to address problems others have been unable to solve. And in integrated marketing competitions like the Effies and O’Tooles, our creative thinking is often judged as among the best nationally and internationally.

LSB’s know-how has been covered in the New York Times, Advertising Age, Investor’s Business Daily and the International Journal of Brand Management. Executives of LSB have keynoted national and international conferences; participated in think tanks from Berkeley to Zurich.

In business 39 years, the firm has customized its entire operation—workspace, talent, affiliates, and processes in service to what it takes to jumpstart the growth of an innovation or a brand. Insights, tips, videos, and more can be found at