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Helen Miranda
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Duffey Petrosky

Duffey PetroskyPhone (248) 489-8300
38505 Country Club DriveFax (248) 994-1600
Farmington Hills, MI 48331-3482URL www.duffeypetrosky.com/
Contact Jeff Scott
E-mail Jscott@dp-company.com
Privately Held
The Right Answer. That’s our mantra. Our bona fide M.O. The reason we’ve built our fully integrated advertising agency as we have. And what we promise and deliver to clients.

The right answer may be simple to say. It isn’t simple to produce. It’s driven by an entrepreneur’s commitment to achieving the best. And delivered by a team of communications experts who work differently, solve marketing problems more adeptly and seize marketing opportunities more creatively. The ultimate goal is creating business intelligence — and then market-moving responses to it — that makes a difference.

The right answer. It’s the right promise. Supported by the right process. And, in the end, delivered by the right people.