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Helen Miranda
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LeopardPhone (303) 527-2900
555 17th Street, Ste 300Fax (303) 530-3480
Denver, CO 80202URL www.leopard.com
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E-mail lisa.haldeman@leopard.com
Holding Company
When marketers and sellers frame a brand’s value to customers in a relevant, compelling way, they earn the right to propose solutions. That’s what true sales enablement is: giving sellers what they need to meet their prospect eye to eye and say, “Yes, I can help you do what you’re trying to do and go where you’re trying to go…better than anyone else.”

Nobody knows your company and your market like you do, but we know sellers and their clients. We help you ensure that sellers are prepared with insights and tools specially designed to advance their processes and engage their prospects.

Our approach comes from over 25 years of working with clients to shorten sales cycles and improve revenue - of specializing in unlocking the best selling potential of B2B and B2B2C companies.