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Allen & Gerritsen

Allen & GerritsenPhone (215) 667-8719
1619 Walnut StreetFax (215) 667-8651
4th FloorURL www.a-g.com/
Philadelphia, PA 19103-5419Contact Jessica Serico
E-mail jserico@a-g.com
Privately Held
Our CEO Andrew Graff probably said it best in the Huffington Post, when he summed up our agency's philosophy with the following headline: "Creativity is no longer king. Our new king is inventiveness." This has been a transformative and liberating shift for our agency. Including our creative department. Because inventiveness is awesome. It captures the essence of what marketers crave from agencies today. It solves, in a single word, the vexing problem of merging technology and creativity. And it is a more powerful platform for a united workplace culture. Where we focus on working for each other, not for ourselves. Which is why it's always nice when we can bring home some brass (get ready for a humble brag) and show it off around the office. We're proud of our recent awards, like our Mashie, Project Isaac Gold Award, One Show and Shorty, because they all celebrate how marketing innovation can help brands create new and powerful ways to engage with consumers. It's also been rewarding to receive props from the likes of Fast Company and PSFK, recognizing A&G for marketing innovation. And receiving the ultimate compliment from MediaPost, who proclaimed after seeing our Project Isaac Award-winning Pic Tap Toe Campaign: "Publicis and Omnicom Could Learn A Thing or Two from Allen & Gerritsen." For an agency defined by its fierce independence, it doesn't get much better than that.