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Helen Miranda
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Erwin Penland

Erwin PenlandPhone (864) 271-0500
125 East Broad StreetFax (864) 235-5941
Greenville, SC 29601-2866URL www.erwinpenland.com
Contact Joe Saracino
E-mail joe.saracino@erwinpenland.com
Holding Company
EP is an agency with roots. Deep, planted firmly in the South, they’re part of why we always say thank you & keep the promises we make. And yes, we love BBQ & the occasional good whiskey. But while our roots are southern, our branches reach everywhere. Our offices in SC & NY don’t run independently, but as 1 unit, with a 600 mile-long hallway, some technology & a bunch of plane rides in between.

Wherever we are, we’re always listening, talking, thinking & making. Figuring things out.

That business model uniquely serves our conviction that an agency should function like a toolbox. Filled with talented people & equipped to handle any job: digital, experiential, social/content marketing, direct, video/audio production, media planning & buying, analytics, research, PR. And that’s precisely the toolbox we’ve developed. Bigger, more robust, ready. It allows us to live our Mission to Help Create Success for the People We Touch, for clients including Verizon, Denny's & LLBean.