2015 Virtual IAAS

IAAS Classes
October 7 - December 9, 2015
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4A’s Virtual Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Program
In partnership with Northwestern University’s Medill IMC
Do you want to take advantage of a great industry training course, but are not located near a big city? Are you an agency leader who wants your most talented young professionals to learn how to contribute more to your agency’s success?
Now in its fourth year, the 4A’s Virtual Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) brings one of the best training courses right to you, regardless of location.
For more than 50 years, the IAAS has put young, promising agency professionals into a real-life marketing environment, challenging them to deliver the most creative and effective marketing communications plan to achieve a client’s objective. We operate IAAS programs in: Atlanta, Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Dallas. 
And now we bring our IAAS program right to you—virtually.
Up-and-Coming Agency Professionals
The IAAS is designed for promising agency professionals with one to five years of experience across all disciplines—creative, media, research, planning, account management, public relations, direct marketing, digital, social and mobile. 
This Year’s Case Study Clients
We are pleased to have Roshella Ricker, Brand Manager, Urban Outfitters as our client partner in 2015. The challenge will be to strengthen Urban Outfitters' engagement with male customers on-line and in-store. With the ultimate goal of improving sales to males. 
10-Week Curriculum
The session opens with overviews of marketing strategy, creativity and client expectations, and then follows the path of preparing for a new business pitch. 
Topics covered include: The client briefing; diving deep into the consumer, the brand, the competition, the marketplace; finding insights and an integrating idea; developing and selling a marketing communication strategy; and planning the latest digital, social, mobile and experiential consumer engagement tools.
The class schedule begins October 7 and ends December 9, 2015. Download schedule
Virtual Approach
A valuable element of the program is learning how to work with teammates in different agencies, geographies and time zones across the country. Our virtual process includes:
  • A weekly live web conference for all participants to interact with faculty and each other every Wednesday evening from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (EDT)
  • Video lectures and articles posted online to prepare for web conference discussions
  • Individual teams establish their own communication and meeting schedules
  • Program communication will be online, via the Medill Mediasite, web and phone conferencing.
Volunteer Professional Instructors and Medill IMC Professors
The 4A’s Virtual IAAS is able to deliver superior learning through the volunteer contributions of top professionals from agencies across the United States and from Northwestern University’s Medill IMC professors.
Northwestern University’s Medill IMC Partnership and Certification
4A’s is proud to partner with Northwestern University’s Medill IMC Program. The Medill IMC Academic Advisory Board, chaired by Associate Dean, Frank Mulhern, provides curricula and ongoing guidance.
Students who successfully complete the program will earn a Certificate of IAAS Completion signed by 4A’s and Northwestern University’s Medill IMC. 
For Participating Agencies:
After graduating from the Institute, your people will return to work with a better understanding of the big picture, an enhanced ability to work virtually in a team environment, and a renewed passion for doing excellent work and increasing their contributions. Marketing communications companies need a program that provides a real-life understanding of our business, and that is what IAAS delivers. The IAAS helps junior people jump-start their careers and increase their contribution to their agencies. It is an efficient, cost-effective training program.
For Attendees:
Let our outstanding faculty jump-start your career. Contribute more to your agency. Network with other up-and-coming professionals. Get a better sense of the big picture, an enhanced ability to work in a team environment and an increased passion for excellence.
Registration is available to both 4A's members and non-4A's members. All sessions and teamwork will take place online. 
Registration Fees:
$1,275 per student, 4A's members.
$1,550 per student, non-4A's members.
Registration Deadline: Monday, September 28.

Adobe   Download more information and curriculum
For program questions, please contact:
Marty Kohr, 4A's Virtual IAAS Director
Northwestern University Medill IMC Faculty
m-kohr@northwestern.edu or (847) 971-0092  or
Bob Linden, 4A's SVP, Training, Education and Development @ bobl@aaaa.org; (212) 850-0750
For registration questions, please contact: Cecilia Graham @ cecilia@aaaa.org; (212) 850-0756