2016 MAIP Student Application

November 15, 2015
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2016 MAIP Application

The 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (MAIP) connects aspiring diverse entry-level advertising professionals with prestigious advertising agencies. Since its inception in 1973, MAIP offers multicultural students a unique paid, full-time summer internship at 4A’s participating agencies nationwide blending real-world work experience, networking opportunities within the industry, and help gain valuable professional credentials that position individuals better in the marketplace. Simultaneously, the program offers advertising agencies the opportunity to access top student talent and strengthens the 4A’s efforts to enhance the diversity workforce of our industry. Click here to review the application.


In addition to a full-time paid internship, MAIP fellows participate in a series of agency sponsored professional development workshops and seminars, which provide a deeper dive into the various advertising and media disciplines.  The workshops also grant fellows the opportunity to learn more about the host agency’s culture through networking with agency professionals post-workshop and agency tours. MAIP fellows residing in the larger markets will attend these workshops. MAIP fellows residing in smaller markets will have the opportunity to participate in alternative networking events orchestrated by MAIP alumni and agency partners.

All fellows who successfully complete MAIP will attend The Face of Talent at the end of the summer. The week includes an interactive forum for graduating MAIP fellows, a leadership luncheon for advertising professionals invested in MAIP and diversity and inclusion, annual career fair for MAIP fellows and alumni, a congratulatory evening reception, behind the scenes conversations with agency professionals, and much more.

Comprised of over 2,700 alumni, the MAIP Alumni Association was founded by Marc Stephenson Strachan, a 1981 MAIP alumnus, to connect MAIP alumni nationwide dedicated to empowering multicultural advertising professionals with opportunities to achieve success throughout their careers. The MAIP Alumni Association Executive Council leads this community, organizing seminars and networking events, leveraging initiatives with organizations working towards the similar goals, and supporting the MAIP Department throughout the year.


2016 MAIP application, $25 application fee and all required attachments must be submitted online via MAIP Expologic. Hard copies of the application will not be accepted.

Please note: Once you submit your payment, you will receive a link directing you to the next step of the application process.  If all steps are not completed, your application will not be processed nor will you receive a refund for the $25.00 application fee.


Cancellation Policy:

The $25.00 application fee covers all administrative and programming to process your application. No refunds will be granted to 2016 MAIP applicants, including individuals who do not complete the application by the specified deadline.

If you encounter any issues while submitting your application online, please contact: sgalvin@aaaa.org