The Master Game Plan For Training & Coaching Your Team

October 15, 2015
1 - 2 PM EDT
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“Can’t they all just do their jobs––and leave me alone?”  
Let’s be honest ––we’ve probably all had that thought from time to time, or (dare we say it) even more frequently. And while having a perfectly performing team would be great, it doesn’t often work that way. The best managers, supervisors and team leaders know that virtually nothing is more important than training your team. “Coaching” is a popular term these days, and for good reason. We all need it. From pro athletes to little leaguers, from high-potential future leaders to our newest employees, the story is the same––the best performers are well-coached and well-trained.   
Want to be a coach who inspires and motivates your people to greater success? Well, it takes a little extra effort, some time-honored techniques, and a few cutting-edge tips.  
On October 15, join Brad Karsh, JB Training Solutions, as he provides you with a new set of tools for training and coaching your players into being the best team on the field.
You will leave this webinar with the ability to:
•   Know what is a teachable moment, and how to drive home new learning
•   Find just the right moments to offer coaching in an already hectic world
•   Delegate effectively, and schedule routine checkpoints without micromanaging
•   Understand when to offer direction or support––or a little bit of both
•   Implement “on the fly” training during existing meetings and conference calls
•   Integrate spot coaching, stretch assignments, shadowing, and mentoring into a training strategy
•   Create a team culture that everyone wants to be a part of.
This engaging webinar teaches participants how to build a strategic training and development plan to get more out of their people in less time.
About Your Webinar Leader:
Brad Karsh is President at JB Training Solutions.  Prior to creating JB Training Solutions, Brad spent 15 years at advertising giant Leo Burnett in Chicago. Today, Brad conducts training and delivers keynote addresses at major companies including Google, Abbott, ConocoPhillips, Walgreens, Dick's Sporting Goods, The Chicago Blackhawks, and The Big Ten Network, among many others.


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